Elaine Eiger is a Brazilian photographer, born in São Paulo. She chose the architectural and urban themes as the focus of her work, becoming a tireless urban story teller. For a few years, she has travelled around the world capturing images of global cities, portraying also its - often melancholic - inhabitants. Elaine also focuses on abstractions through which she deconstructs spaces thus reinterpreting them. In her works, the architecture emerges as a strong metaphor that reflects the main concerns of the contemporary world.


 Photography Festival of Tiradentes (2015)

      Tokyo Blue (selected essay)

 PhotoEspaña Festival (2013)

      Shinkansen (selected essay)

Imã Gallery, São Paulo (2010)

  Jewish Culture Centre, São Paulo (2000)

• Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo (1993)

 Casa das Rosas, São Paulo (1991)


 Winner in contest Photography as Art | Starte, GloboNews TV (2013)

 Best Documentary | IX São Paulo Jewish Film Festival (2005)

      The Star Hidden in the Backlands

 Best Documentary Director | New York Independent Film & Video Festival (2003)

      Paths of Memory: The Trajectory of the Jews in Portugal


 Israel: Routes and Roots (1999), with Luize Valente


 The Star Hidden in the Backlands (2005), with Luize Valente

 Paths of Memory: The Trajectory of the Jews in Portugal (2002), with Luize Valente